(This programme was conducted at Government Day Senior Secondary School, Adewole, Ilorin, on 25th November, 2017.)


Our Honoured Guests, Good day sir, Good day ma
Teachers of the Participants
Our Team Members
And The Students

It is in happy mood that I welcome you all to this Entrepreneurship Development Seminar and Essay Writing Competition organized by Youth Elite Group and Coin Consults.
My name is Hanafi Olanrewaju Rabiu. I am a Co-founder of Coin Consults and the Director of its Coinkwara Programme which develops and promote entrepreneurs. We are not here today to talk about Coinkwara but permit me to briefly mention some of the things we do under this programme. Firstly, we impart entrepreneurial skills on individual through our Business Strategy Sessions and online training through the social media. Secondly, we promote made in Kwara goods and services on our website, Thirdly, we assist entrepreneurs in sourcing for loan. We also provide business development services to entrepreneurs. We have the students in mind when designing this CoinKwara programme and that is why we included student development package. An example of which is what we are here for today.
It is my sincere hope that we will all learn and gain from this event and I am pleading with you to be patient and be attentive while the programme continues.
Thank you.


Building your future through Entrepreneurial skills


There was a young primary school boy from a very rich family who used to buy pack of sweets and sell it to his peers at school because he loves to make gain no matter how small. This boy is now an adult and the richest black man!
Who is this man? He is Aliko Dangote

Why are you here? 

Do you know why I’m here?

My name is Hanafi Olanrewaju Rabiu and I am here today to help you build your future through ‘Entrepreneurial Skills’.

So if you would follow me closely and pay attention to what I am about to tell you, the thoughts you used to have about your future will surely change.

NOW What is Entrepreneurship?
Is there anyone who has an idea about what entrepreneurship is?
Or can anyone tell me who an entrepreneur is?

Well, I am not going to define entrepreneurship but I will explain it in the simplest term or language that you will understand.
Entrepreneurship is a process which starts from generation of ideas, and then to setting up of an enterprise/workshop/company, where you will use creativity or innovation, time and energy in making products and services that satisfy customers’ needs.

Who is an entrepreneur?

 ‘Entrepreneur’ (a person who organizes business activities e.g. owns a company, workshop, office, etc aiming specifically at growth and profit).

From these explanations, you know that Entrepreneur stands for a person while Entrepreneurship is the process that Entrepreneur follows.

Kinds of Entrepreneurs

Having gone through different classifications of entrepreneurs as explained by different scholars in the field of entrepreneurship, it is clear that there are different ways you can classify entrepreneurs.

For the purpose of this seminar and to make it easy for you, I will categorize entrepreneurs into two kinds namely:

-          Those that offer products and
-          Those that offer services

Can anyone give me examples of products?
What about services?

Examples are as follows:
Products:  book producers, biros, uniform, etc, food producers, farmers, shoe makers etc
Service: School owners, hospital owners, consultants, barber, facebook (social media)

To ensure that you understand what we are talking about, let me tell you what entrepreneurs do.

From the examples I gave you earlier, you should be able to know what entrepreneurs do.
Entrepreneurs produce things and offer services that will solve our various problems. But you know what? They make money by doing this. That is by selling their service and products.

Entrepreneurs are the ones that make life enjoyable. Imagine, if there are no entrepreneurs to make cloths, car, biro, etc. Let’s go back to history and talk about Transportation.
Can anyone tell me the stages of development in transportation as you know? There is no wrong process-just tell me what you know.

Importance of entrepreneurs are as follows:
·         Their innovation improves our standard of living. i.e. They make life easier for us. Telecom-
·         They contribute to social development by using their money to support community development activities. Most of them do this by establishing foundations or supporting development programmes. E.g. Tony Elumelu Foundation, Dangote Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc
·         They create jobs by employing people
·         They contribute to government revenue by paying taxes
·          They make money which they also use in supporting themselves and their relations. The richest people on the earth are entrepreneurs. E.g. Bill Gates-microsoft, Ortega-zara wears, Dangote-foods, cement, etc

Now imagine a world without Entrepreneurs?
Can someone tell me what will happen in that kind of world?
No innovative products, no one to produce things.......

How can you become an Entrepreneur? Or let me put it this way, what are the necessary things you must do if you want to become an Entrepreneur?

1.1.      Knowledge and Skills
First of all, you must learn. You must acquire knowledge and skills. Let me give you an example, if you are very good in maths, English, or any other subject, that is good! But you must learn the skills to use your knowledge in any of these subjects to create products/services that solve peoples’ problem before you can call yourself an entrepreneur. E.g. someone who is very good in Maths can organize maths lesson for people younger than you.

  1. 2.      You must be innovative or creative

This means your brain must always be working on how you are going to make better things or to make things better. E.g.  Do you remember our example on the transportation system? Let me also give you example of chalk board and white board. They do the same thing in a different ways.

  1. 3.      You must be willing to take risk

Life itself is a risk. Entrepreneurship however requires you to be willing to take risk. Let me give you an example based on the board we talked about. It took lot of thinking, time, energy and money to make a white board. And remember what people were using was black board. What would be your fear, if you were the person who thought about creating a white board to replace a black board? The bad things which you fear can happen to you in this new product you want to create are the risks you must be willing to take.

  1. 4.      You must be ready to persevere.

‘Nothing good comes easy’. Do you believe that?
If you want to be an entrepreneur, know now that you must be ready to persevere, i.e. keep on....., endure...., continue...., what you are doing, no matter the challenges you face.

According to Dangote,
“What business doesn’t like is for you to try something and once you have one or two problems, you change and move to another business. That does not work in business at all.”

  1. 5.      Opportunity Seeking

You must be someone who is searching for opportunities. i.e. things you can do to solve peoples’ problems. ...Find small solutions to big problem... Remember that, it is by doing this that you can make money or name for yourself. Your creativity will not be accepted by people if it doesn’t add value to their lives. An entrepreneur will not establish an English coaching lesson for adults who understand English perfectly because they don’t need it. But if he establishes it for adults living in a village who doesn’t understand it but need English to sell their products/service in the market or need to read
Question Time....
Thank you and I wish you best of luck.
 This publication is the view of the author not CoinKwara. 
The author should be quoted for referencing purpose.

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